Super Smash Bros 4 going to get Event Matches and Boss Battles as DLC?

If you’ve been playing the recent Super Smash Bros game for 3DS, you’ll probably know that quite a few major features have been removed.  Like Event Matches, Boss Battles, Tournaments, etc.  Those minor things from games like Melee and Brawl which added extra play time to the experience.

Well, that could be changing.  Hackers have found some VERY interesting voice clips hidden away in the game files, and as you can see below, they hint at all kinds of currently unavailable modes:

Namely, the announcer talks of ‘Boss Battles’, ‘Event Matches’, ‘Grab the Coins’, ‘Special Smash’ and ‘Tournaments’. In other words, many interesting features that just happened to not be present in this game.

This raises two possibilities:

1. Said features were planned, but cut down to lack of time/effort

2. Said features are being planned as DLC, maybe to go with the Wii U version’s release.

Personally, I’m betting the second. I mean, look at the 3DS to Wii U connectivity. Whose to say that won’t play a big role in all of this, like say, a way to transfer certain features from the Wii U game to 3DS one? Or for that matter, it could be just plain old standard DLC, where Nintendo sells a bunch of extra features for the game to commemorate the launch of the Wii U version.

So yes. Smash Bros fans wanting their tournaments and event matches could be in luck, if these mysterious files are of any indication!



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