A Super Mario Land Stage Was Planned for Smash Bros for 3DS?

Remember the Dream Land in Super Smash Bros? The one based on the Kirby’s Dream Land titles for the original Game Boy?

Well it seems like that could have been very different! Indeed, according to the good folk at Source Gaming, it seems the original plan was for a level based on Super Mario Land instead! According to their article:

A Mario Land stage was planned to be on the 3DS version, but it was replaced by the Game Boy stage.

So yeah, it makes you wonder doesn’t it? How awesome a stage that cycled through the Birabuto Kingdom’s plains and pyramids would have been. One which might have had an awesome remixed song like this:

Either way, it didn’t happen. A bit of a pity for those of us who grew up with the Game Boy you must admit, but the replacement stage was decent too.

On another note, do check out the rest of their article over there! It’s a piece about misconceptions and Super Smash Bros development (where Sakurai explains that he’s not some franchise overlord that dictates every design decision and inclusion), and it mentions some other cut stages too. It’s definitely worth a read, especially if you’re one of those people who likes to come up with conspiracy theories about Sakurai and the Smash Bros games.


The Truth Isn’t That Simple — Sakurai Discusses Fan Misconceptions


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5 years ago

forget super mario land, we need a super mario world for a stage.