Square Enix wants to turn Bravely in a Yearly Series?

Well, this could potentially be seen as milking a good idea to death couldn’t it?  Because Square Enix producer Tomoya Asano has now come out and said that he wants to turn the Bravely series (Bravely Default and its sequel) into a yearly franchise in the sense of Call of Duty or such like.  Here’s his quote about the idea:

F: I want to ask more about the next game but the top thing I am most interested in is around when is it going to go on sale?

Asano: My idea is that I want to release a product relating to Bravely Default every year.

F: So something like Bravely Default was in 2012, For the Sequel is 2013, and next is…

Asano: Correct.

So you’d better get used to the Bravely Default series, since it’s now pretty much confirmed that it’s going to get new games every single year from now on.  Hello Square Enix’s new potential cash cow!




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