Square Enix licenses characters to Nintendo for mystery game (rumour)

GoNintendo reported this just today, and I think I can already guess what people are wanting this to be.  And considering their comment that ‘these characters haven’t been used in a long time’, everyone seems to immediately be assuming Super Mario RPG 2.

But let’s not jump to conclusions yet, since they don’t source where the rumour is from and I don’t think Square even cares about Super Mario RPG any more.  Then again, who says it has to be a new game we don’t know about?

The rumour just says ‘game project’, which could easily assume a spinoff. Geno in Super Smash Bros 4? It seems kind of plausible really given that they mention asking for Nintendo’s help, and that I don’t think any Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest game or a Chrono Trigger sequel would need it.  None the less, here are the possibilities if the rumour is true:

  1. A Super Mario RPG sequel is planned
  2. A Super Mario RPG character is in Smash Bros/Mario spinoff
  3. A Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest/Chrono Trigger/Secret of Mana character in Smash Bros
  4. Chrono Trigger sequel/remake
  5. Seiken Densetsu 3 translation
  6. Other mystery project which turns out to be mediocre Japan only crossover

Either way, could be an interesting 3DS game we get out of this regardless of what happens. Super Mario RPG 2 on 3DS would be awesome, right?



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