Square Enix Discounts all its 3DS Games

Now, instead of paying the standard 40 dollar price per game, you only need to spend $19.99 per game.  Which means if you really want to buy Heroes of Ruin, Kingdom Hearts 3D or Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, now’s your chance!  They’re cheap, they’re all decent games and some of them are arguably underrated gems in the 3DS library.

You get the games from this price either on Square Enix’s online store:


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts 3D

Heroes of Ruin

Or on Amazon.com:

Heroes of Ruin

(others are supposedly discounted, but I can’t find the lower prices on Amazon yet)

So yes, if you want to buy some cheap 3DS games, then check out these Square Enix titles mentioned, all of which can be yours for a total price of about 60 dollars (or the same as a single Wii U or home console game).


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