Sorry for the lack of updates

As you may have noticed, updates for Nintendo 3DS Daily have been rather thin on the ground recently (mostly due to personal life issues).

Still, while I haven’t exactly posted about all the news here in recent days, I will just mention a few things about the site’s future and other related aspects.  So if you want to know the status of Nintendo 3DS Daily’s redesign, Nintendo 3DS Community, Wario Forums and the Smash Bros 4 site, keep reading!

First up, the 3DS Daily redesign.  Hopefully, this will be done soon, but again, I only really get weekends to actually do any major web development work.  So progress is moving ahead pretty slowly, and real life issues don’t help.

Secondly, the forums at Nintendo 3DS Community.  Yes they’re still going.  Yes they’ll be redesigned.  No, it won’t be done right away.

Wario Forums is still being promoted.

And as for the Smash Bros 4 site… I hope to have it back running fairly soon.  It’s just that again, I have little free time and I’m also not too happy with some of the recent redesign concepts I’ve been experimenting with.

So yeah, sorry about the lack of news and posts, and I do say that new stuff will be posted soon.


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6 years ago

No worries

6 years ago

No worries man. Just take care of life’s issues one at a time then come back when you can.
Anyways cheers!