Sonic Boom Fire and Ice; New Trailer

Sonic Boom has never had much of a positive reputation. Ever since Rise of Lyric came out and quickly became known as one of the worst games of all time, the name of this Sonic sub series has just been dragged through the mud more and more.

But SEGA’s not one to give up on a sub series like this, especially not with a popular TV show on the air! So here’s their new trailer for the next instalment, Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice:

Is it good?

Well, it’s better than Rise of Lyric. I mean, it doesn’t look quite as bad for a 3DS game as that title did for a Wii U one. And hey, Shattered Crystal did do a tiny bit better than its home console cousin, if that matters somewhat.

sonic boom metacritic

Above: A whole 15% better!

But it’s still a very, very uninteresting looking title. The gameplay looks fairly bland, the ideas and themes are generic, the designs are as uninteresting as they were in the earlier games and the trailer?

Well, Mighty No 9 might have competition on the ‘most cringe worthy narration’ front. Seriously, you’re saying stuff like ‘face the fire’ and ‘smash the ice’ as if it makes you sound cool? That’s something a 3 year old would say in their Sonic fan vid. The fact he seems so utterly bored while saying these lines just makes it even worse.

Either way, it’s not the most interesting game in this year’s line up. And given how its predecessors did on the review and sales fronts, it’s quite likely this could be the end of the Sonic Boom series as well. I mean, even most of the TV series fans aren’t buying any of the games.

But what do you think? Does Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice look like something you’d want to play? Will it do any better than the previous Sonic Boom games? Or is SEGA set up for yet another disappointment when September 2016 comes?


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You'd think the overwhelming negative feedback from the first sonic boom would be enough. 😛

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[QUOTE="Joe, post: 140994, member: 75"]You'd think the overwhelming negative feedback from the first sonic boom would be enough. :p[/QUOTE]

Most developers would say, "We should give up," but I think I read somewhere they started making this right after the other two games so… yeah. Plus I've heard the show is pretty okay so… who knows.

Also, I won't lie, I grinned at Eggman's forest laser song. It was dumb, but I couldn't help it.