Sonic Boom Fire and Ice Revealed!

It’s a new game in the Sonic Boom series?  Just a few months after the first few bombed and failed miserably?  Wonder this one will be like…

Ah, seems decent enough then.  However, do you notice anything interesting here?

Like how the smaller, side game by Sanzaru Games has gotten the sequel instead of the big home console version by BigRedButton?  Or that it just conveniently got this far within what must be less than a year worth of development?

To me, that sounds like Sega is trying its damn hardest to quietly shuffle Rise of Lyric and the debacle around it under the rug.  As if they’re doing last minute damage control to try and salvage a damaged sub franchise’s reputation before it crashes and burns miserably.

But hey, it should at least be a half decent game.  Shattered Crystal was the better of the two titles after all, and this one looks to be a whole lot more polished and a whole lot less glitchy than the original Sonic Boom titles were. Let’s hope it can finally put right what the original two games messed up so badly on.


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