Is Sonic Adventure 3 coming soon?

Well, this is an interesting turn up for the books.  Remember that Sonic the Hedgehog game Sega were supposedly working on, the one that was meant to be shown off in the Sonic ‘Nintendo Direct’?  Well apparently it seems like this game could be Sonic Adventure 3.

So what does that mean?  Does it mean Sega are just rebooting the series or going back and making a sequel for the first time in ages?  Maybe not, since the name ‘Sonic Adventure 3’ may not be the actual title used for the game after release, being instead an internal code name for the project.

Still, it’s an interesting rumour to think about.  A new Sonic Adventure game after all these years?  And it’s supposedly in the style of Sonic Unleashed’s Daytime sections and Sonic Generations?  Could this mean we actually get a Sonic Adventure game that’s seen as being outright fantastic rather than just decent and that Sonic’s days of ‘Sonic Syndrome’ are now officially over?

Maybe, maybe not.  At the current point in time it’s purely a rumour, and the whole Sonic Adventure 3 branding has only ever been used in a NeoGAF thread.  But it’s interesting to think about none the less, and a proper sequel to the Sonic Adventures games is definitely something fans have seen as overdue for a long time now.