Someone uses Colors 3D as a dating site?

When you read the name ‘Colors 3D’, what do you think of?  A drawing app for the 3DS that lets you draw pictures and share your work with other people?  So does nearly 99% of humanity, the somewhat sane ones.

This guy however, is not your standard Colors 3D user.  Oh no.  Instead he seems to have decided to use the game for an impromptu dating service aka Ok Cupid.   But that’s not all.  In probably the most stupid non online safety conscious move in history, this user actually says he’s a ten year old looking for a girlfriend online.



Above: This is not the right use for Colors 3D.  It’s also putting your personal safety at risk, don’t do it.

Words just cannot describe how stupid this whole decision is.  For one thing, a ten year old should not be looking for love on the internet, especially through a drawing program.  And for another, the request is so badly spelt, so utterly ridiculous sounding and so stupidly blunt that I almost worry for the kind of person who’d respond to it.

I’m sorry, but this is the most depressing thing I’ve seen in a while, and I honestly think someone should remove the note before this goes horribly wrong in the worst possible way.  Don’t ever give away personal information online, don’t use a drawing app as a dating service and certainly don’t say you’re a ten year old looking for a girlfriend on the internet, otherwise it will most likely end in tears.



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