Someone Already found a Glitch in The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds?

And what’s more, it’s not just a graphical glitch like you might expect, but something actually useful for making the game easier.

How much easier?  Well let me put it this way; the glitch lets you completely skip the boss fight in Skull Woods.  As in, have the dungeon counted as complete without having to take down the boss.

Here’s a video:

As shown, you just need to use the Tornado Rod and land on the boss as it charges (with split second timing), and you get warped to the dungeon entrance (outside) with the thing counted as defeated.  This can also supposedly happen if you get hit with really bad timing in the battle itself, meaning you can theoretically skip a (potentially difficult) boss through sheer luck.

Pretty neat if you ask me.  Nice to see a glitch in a Nintendo 3DS title that actually helps the player rather than screws them over!

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I completely agree with your last sentence! If there’s gonna be glitches, at least have them be glitches that make the game easier! 🙂


Happend to me. You do get the painting but you have to kill the boss again to get the heart. Really frustrating. Even though the boss seem to take more damage second time?

Was just about to report this 🙂