So Nintendo is holding a Nintendo Direct on April 1st…

No, we’re not kidding. They’ve actually announced a Nintendo Direct for April Fool’s Day:

As you can see, their Tweet even says ‘this is not an April Fool’s Day joke’!

But with that said… am I the only one a bit suspicious of this? Okay, they say it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke now…

But come on, can you imagine how awesome it’d be if they did manage to throw a joke or two in there somewhere? Like if Iwata actually came forward at the start and send ‘April Fools! There’s no Nintendo Direct today!’?

Or even better, if they showed the best Nintendo Direct ever, will all the games people want (so Zelda Wii U, new Mario Galaxy, some awesome Smash Bros DLC, new Pokemon games, the return of F-Zero and Metroid)… and then turned around at the end and said it was all fake. That would be the most epic trolling ever, and would probably cause an absolute meltdown in the gaming community as a result. Heck, just seeing the reactions of IGN/Gamespot/Kotaku/GoNintendo/whoever would be priceless, just because it’d have made an hour of live coverage worthless in about ten seconds.

So yeah, Nintendo Direct on April 1st. Do you believe it? Or do you think Nintendo might be trying to screw around with everyone?


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7 years ago

It’s not very likely because April Fools Day would be over by the time they started in there Time Zone remember Noon the fools is over.