Silvally, Kommo-o and Others Announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Via the new trailer, which can be watched here:

So what’s included? Well, Type: Null’s evolution from the CoroCoro scans, Silvally for one thing. This Pokemon is like an artificial version of Arceus who can change its type via held memory plates. It comes with a new attack named Multi Attack that varies based on its type, like Genesect’s Techno Cannon move.

There’s also an Alolan variant of Muk, the two evolved forms of Jangmo-o and evolution for Cutiefly and various others.

So what do you think? Post your thoughts on these new Pokemon on the forums or our social media accounts today!


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Artisan Vistra
3 years ago

RKS System better be a better version of Multitype.

Gawd I sure hope these abilities are legit-ly different. For example an item that could change the Pokemon from Normal type to any dual type imaginable. Now that would be on the verge of meta breaking.