Shy Guy Bazaar shortcut potentially found in Mario Kart 7?

Not that this is apparently too common or easy to trigger, it apparently happened to the finder at random when he was playing the Grand Prix mode.  But as you can tell, the game’s testers missed a trick here:

Going straight through a wall and being placed about three seconds ahead of where you fell off?  That’s pretty terrible programming on someone’s part.

It seems to save time too, considering that the AI opponent was literally right next to him when he fell and he had a second or two lead when Lakitu put him back on the track.  Worrying really, if this ends up being something that can be deliberately exploited online, then it looks like a Bowser Castle 1 level bug* that could easily be used to change the tide of a close race.

* Referring to a trick which saves about two or three seconds and is useful in lower ccs and in time trials.

There are also worrying rumours of shortcuts like the one in DK Jungle (minor and mainly useless) existing in Toad Circuit and Bowser’s Castle, which would imply that to some extent this game’s testers didn’t do a very good job at finding and telling programmers to fix bugs.

So yes, one shortcut near enough found in Shy Guy Bazaar, and others implied to exist.  Pity there’s no worldwide rankings/time trial leaderboard for this game, it’d be really useful to download the top ranked ghost data and figure out what unusual exploits have been found but not well documented as of yet. Still, looks like this game will be totally broken pretty shortly, with bugs and glitches being found on about half the tracks in it.


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