Shovel Knight Might Be Getting a Sequel?

Okay, it’s less ‘might be getting a sequel’ and more ‘will definitely be getting one at some point’.  Either way, in a recent interview on the 8-4 podcast, game developers Yacht Club discussed the future of the franchise.  Apparently, while they’re currently working on additional content for the first game (cause hey, stuff like integration with the Shovel Knight Amiibo need to be done at some point), they said that after that it’d be ‘silly’ not to make a sequel to the game.

But it’s the style of the sequel that’s the interesting part.  You see, while a lot of developers would just think ‘successful retro style game, follow up with another very similar one’, Yacht Club are a bit more ambitious when it comes to the franchise. So a sequel could not only potentially be another NES style game, but also perhaps a more detailed one that mimics the games available on the SNES or Mega Drive, or even something in line with the Nintendo 64.  Might we be getting a 3D Shovel Knight game at some future date?  No one yet knows.

Either way, a Shovel Knight sequel is on the cards, and will be announced at a later date.  What do you hope to see from it?



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5 years ago

I hope we don't get a 3D Shovel Knight, it would lose a lot of it's charm. The soundtrack for the original game is outstanding as well, and it'd be a real shame for them to move away from a style that works really, really well for it!

5 years ago

I don't see them using any other style as anything else would double the game making time. But I hope we do get a second one and is somehow good as the first.