September 13th Nintendo Direct: The Gaming Reinvented Liveblog

Nintendo Direct September 13th

Well, it seems our last article was right. Just as we predicted, Nintendo has indeed announced that the postponed Nintendo Direct will air tonight, with said presentation maintaining the same schedule as before.

[Nintendo Direct Times Table]

Region Time Zone Time
USA (Nintendo of America) PT
UK (Nintendo UK) BST 11pm
Europe (Nintendo of Europe) CEST 12am
Japan (Nintendo Co Ltd) JST 7am

Which is why (just like with every other Direct), we’ll be covering the whole thing as it airs in a liveblog here at Gaming Reinvented. Yeah it won’t be the most detailed coverage, and yes it’s unlikely we’ll be posting trailers as they come in (thanks to Nintendo’s boneheaded decision to air the thing at 11pm UK time), but we’ll be covering it none the less.

Either way, you can find players for the various regional Direct streams below:




As well as links to various media platforms Nintendo is hosting it on. Pick whatever one you feel like watching..

Then join us at 11pm to see what we think of all the new Nintendo games and announcements. It’s gonna be great!


Which wraps it all up. My thoughts? Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, Isabelle in Smash... pretty good. Continued Switch support? Decent. Much of the rest? Eh, kinda boring really.

Yup, Animal Crossing comes to Switch in 2019. Finally!

Wait, what?

Yup. Still, no Nintendo icons died this time around!

Oh, we know what this is about.

Oh, bet this is Isabelle in Smash now.

A nice Smash Bros Ultimate bundle/special edition Switch dock now.

Final Fantasy VII, 10 and more coming to Switch. That is neat.

Many of these announcements are pretty boring to be honest...

Final Fantasy 15 portable. Okay.

Square Enix knows we want the modern games and the Final Fantasy VII remake instead.

Final Fantasy comes to Switch? Shame it's Crystal Chronicles.

General trailers now. Nice to see EA's sports games are coming to Switch in 2018 too.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC trailer as well. Looks good.

The World Ends With You on Switch is good.

Star Wolf make an appearance though. That is good.

Some more info on Starlink next.

November 16th for this one.

Civilization VI on Switch? Looks decent.

Catan, Pandemic, Munchkin, etc seem neat.

Tabletop games on Switch? Neat.

Interesting ideas (like playing the levels backwards and flipping them upside down) though.

Yoshi's Crafted World is now official

Looks like a decent enough game though. Online co-op could be fun.

For the moon thing, are we the only ones thinking Majora's Mask here?

Daemon X Machina? Okay...

Cities Skylines is coming to Switch.

Game Freak is working on a non Pokemon game known as Town? Okay then.

Comes October 5th.

Super Mario Party next. Sound Stage and River Survival stuff... all very mega microgames.

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection. Heard about it already, nice to see another trailer though.

So now... only your partner can use HMs? Still, at least they don't require losing useful moves.

Pokemon Let's Go stuff. Yay.

NES style Joy-Cons now? Neat, useful for 2D stuff.

It's cheap at least.

Exclusive offers? Yeah... Nah.

Voice chat should not involve an app either.

Don't care about the smartphone app either. Does anyone?

Save Data Cloud is a nice addition, though it's apparently limited.

Nor are classic NES games. Neat, but not great.

Online play is not an interesting feature for an online service.

Begins September 19th.

Nintendo Switch Online now.

Maybe I'll try this one too. Though I'll skip the gyro crap.

Katamari Damacy? Nice to see this on Switch.

Wait, what?

January 11th for this one.

Luigi U being free is nice I guess.

So Toadette becomes Peach too...

Nabbit and Toadette? Okay, not much,

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe? yawn.

Neat to see previously unreleased games + online play too.

Arcade classics now, like Capcom's Beat Em Up Bundle.

Co-op challenge mode too. Neat.

Mario Tennis Aces V2 now. New characters like Birdo, Shy Guy, Paratroopa, Petey Piranha?

Comes October 2nd.

Mega Man 11 trailer next. Always looks good. Maybe my first Mega Man game.

Probably other stuff, hard to tell.

Turf War mode is in now.

V4? Seems interesting...

Splatoon 2 update next.

Onto Switch!

Looks decent enough for fans though.

Not interested in Yo-Kai Watch, sorry.

October 19th. Decent release date.

Boss battles in the gallery work in co-op too.

2 player Luigi's Mansion? Interesting.

King Bob-omb appears in this game too. Neat.

Bowser Jr's Journey now.

There are new transformations too, which is something.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn on 3DS. Why not Switch?

3DS games now. Yay.

Yep. Luigi's Mansion 3 in 2019. Awesome.

Is this Luigi's Mansion?

It begins...

Yes, these liveblog glitches will be fixed in Gaming Reinvented V3. Actually, they already are fixed. Just need to get the site live.

Oh god, it's starting soon.

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