Screenshots of New Super Mario Bros 2 reveal new info!

As IGN has already pointed out in the source link below, Nintendo’s official 3DS XL website has put up some interesting screens of New Super Mario Bros 2 which kind of reveal some interesting minor details.

For example, this screen confirms without a doubt that the Mega Mushroom is an item in New Super Mario Bros 2 and works exactly like in the DS original.  Not that this should be surprisingly, this official art popped up a few weeks ago:

None the less, this is the first screenshot showing the Mega Mushroom item actually in use.  Also, I think the graphics used in that picture are just a little different from those in New Super Mario Bros DS and Wii, the background doesn’t seem to have the same design.  Seems more open than the circular design found in those games cave levels.

There are also new screenshots that don’t show much new, like this new one of Gold Mario in a familiar level that was shown in the trailer at Nintendo Direct:

As well as these additional ones showing the first level of the game:

However, the interesting things shown that seem to be new are on the bottom screen.  From what we can see, it seems like:

In co-op, both Mario and Luigi share a life counter and when it runs out,  both lose.

Worlds/levels are still known by boring names such as 1-1, 2-1 and 1-2.  The former is the one with the multi coloured hills, stacks of Goombas and blocks, the second one the desert area and the third one the level which introduces Mega Mario, so presumably the first two world themes are still grass and desert.

There’s also a progress meter like the one in New Super Mario Bros.

Items can still be stored in the inventory on the bottom screen and tapped to make them fall into the level proper.

In levels with co-op, a strange blue circular icon moves to where the Star Coins are usually displayed and displaces them a bit to the right.  Is this something to do with wifi?

There are still three star coins in every level.

Score is still counted

The bottom left number is current coins, the right one is record number collected in the current level.

Also of interest, note the number of star coins collected vs where the player is in the level.  In 2-1, it seems they’ve collected all three by the midway point.  But in the one with the Mega Mushroom, they haven’t apparently seen ANY by the midway point.  Are the star coins placed about the level somewhat more unevenly now?  Do some levels really just shove all the coins in the last half the level?  Or are they just really well hidden in the cave levels and the person playing wasn’t good enough to find them?

So yes, that’s some interesting new info about and screenshots of New Super Mario Bros 2, including the first ever look at the view shown on the touch screen.  What do you think? Does any of this make you want to buy New Super Mario Bros 2?



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