Sakurai; I Vow to Complete Smash Bros 4 By 2014!

Worried the next Super Smash Bros game was going to be delayed like so many others by Nintendo?  Desperately wanting the game in your possession by the upcoming year?  Well if so, it seems you should be in luck, since Masahiro Sakurai himself has actually stated that he ‘resolves to complete development of the new Super Smash Bros games and release them in 2014’.

Yeah, that’s his New Year’s resolution apparently, to complete Super Smash Bros by sometime in the coming year and release it before 2014 is over.  And so while it’s unknown as of yet whether he’ll succeed in said task, we can at least all rest happy know that the game is very much being planned for a 2014 release date and that Sakurai will indeed try his best in terms of making that happen.


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7 years ago

Smashbros. 2015 confirmed. Joking, joking of course.

Cole Holbrook
Cole Holbrook
7 years ago

This leads me to believe November