Rumour Time! Diddy Kong Racing and Zelda Return for Wii U!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and that people didn’t stop bothering with the site and forums while I was absent.  But to start off the return of Nintendo 3DS Daily, here’s a few interesting rumours about Wii U games that seem to have been posted recently.

First up is an unexpected series revival, the possibility of Diddy Kong Racing getting a Wii U sequel.  Here’s what the original post says about it:

I do not work at Monster Games, but I have a pretty good connection with multiple employees there.

Nintendo hired a bunch of people in Minnesota to join the team. They just hired two contract artists a week ago.

Back in 2011, after Pilotwings Resort wrapped up, Nintendo offered Monster Games different ideas for future projects. Around June 2011, Monster Games began work on a Diddy Kong Racing sequel for the Wii U. Nintendo owns the rights to Diddy Kong and Diddy Kong Racing, and Monster Games specialty is in the racing genre. Dave Broske and Dave Pollatsek are the programming leads on the game, and the game design chief is John Schneider. Josh Defries is working on Environment design. Kodai Matsumoto is a superviser on the project.

A guy named Mitch Ernst is another person working on the game. He’s involved in user interface design with the Wii U controller’s touchscreen. You can touch certain icons on the touchscreen to use power ups.

There were some legal grey zones with characters like Tip Tup, Timber, Bumper, etc, and Nintendo was in talks with Microsoft/Rare to clear it up. Banjo and Conker won’t be in the game.

The sequel to Diddy Kong Racing is planned for a 2013 release for the Wii U, and it will be revealed sometime next year. There will be an adventure mode similar to the Nintendo 64 game, as well as online multiplayer. Miiverse will be implemented into the game, and you’ll be able to race using your Mii’s as well as other characters.

However, I’m highly skeptical of the whole thing.  Why even make a sequel without Banjo and Conker in the first place? Aren’t they two of the most popular characters in the original and two Rare icons that people would love to see return to Nintendo consoles?

Secondly, why make a Diddy Kong Racing game with all these legal issues?  I don’t think Microsoft are going to be keen on letting Nintendo use Rare’s characters in a game released only on Nintendo’s system, right?  I mean, the reason we got so few Gamecube and Wii games based on Rare’s franchises is supposedly because Microsoft didn’t allow them to make games for Nintendo or Sony home consoles due to it being direct competition.  When you then consider the legal hoops Nintendo will have to jump through to get their hands on these characters and things, wouldn’t it be much easier and more practical to just make a Donkey Kong Racing game with characters they actually own?  It seems it’d be less of a legal danger zone to revive this canned Gamecube Donkey Kong spinoff:

Bringing back only the elephant genie guy seems far less of a risk and less expensive than trying to negotiate the rights to literally three quarters of the cast list, right? The only characters Nintendo even owns in the original are Diddy Kong and Krunch, with the additions of Tiny Kong and Dixie Kong from the DS remake.

And when you then consider the source is some guy on GameFAQs, in a post made back in September (funny it took Nintendo news sites more than three months to find it) by someone we have no real reason to believe, the rumour just looks incredibly unlikely.

The other rumour of interest is about the Zelda Wii U game.  Again, it’s highly unlikely, but also kind of amusing in how completely ridiculous it is.  Here’s the original text of the rumour:

1. The game will be revealed in some form at E3 2013. The game most likely won’t be released until early 2014 (it’s still in the early development stages). We may see an eShop demo in late 2013.

2. The game will feature a different art style than the HD tech demo shown off when the Wii U was unveiled. Early concept artwork looks like they’re sticking with Skyward Sword‘s style for now.

3. Nintendo of Japan prefers Skyward Sword‘s motion controls to the GamePad. However, they are aware that some fans still prefer traditional buttons or will want to use the GamePad.

4. Nintendo of Japan was surprised at how well-received the romance was between Link and Zelda in Skyward Sword and intends to flesh it out further for Zelda U. Because this dynamic was favored more in the West than by Japanese audiences, Nintendo of America is looking to popular American romance stories. Names like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey have popped up in conversation, but the extent to which they will inspire the next Zelda is unknown.

5. Developers are weighing the pros and cons for both full voice acting and whether or not Link will speak.

6. A well-known character from a past game is returning in some way. This character may or may not be the in the same role and/or form as they was in the past.

The first warnng sign that this rumour has no truth in it comes from the release date part.  So not only is the game still in early development, but Nintendo plans to get it out in early 2014?  Doesn’t that seem ridiculously quick for the development of a new Legend of Zelda title?  Past games have always taken two or three years of development before they were released, so unless this new title is a quick spinoff like Majora’s Mask or Four Swords, this would indicate Nintendo are just rushing it into development.

That said, I do think we’re likely to see a new Zelda game announced at E3 in either this year or the next, it’s just the release date will probably be much closer to 2015 or 2016.

The Skyward Sword art style is suspect too, if only because it didn’t sell.  I heavily believe Nintendo will probably switch back to a more ‘realistic’ art style simply to capture the interest of the Skyrim or Dark Souls audience, because the Wii U is far too young for overly experimental games at the moment.  Really, I suspect the next few big Nintendo games will play it pretty safe in order to get the console into more homes, with the more gimmicky and interesting looking ones saved until the console’s later years.

The romance thing is so hilariously wrong as to be stupid.  If it isn’t, then I think it’d completely sink whatever was left of the franchise.

As for the well known character part, it’s hardly the most interesting or original thing in the world.  Every Mario or Zelda game in recent history brings back at least one well known character.  If that’s the criteria for an interesting game, then you could probably count New Super Mario Bros 2 due to it bringing back Reznor.

So it’s another unlikely Zelda Wii U rumour.

Well, that’s two new rumours for you.  Are they true?  Most likely not.  But they are interesting enough to read about, and I’m sure the mere possibility of Diddy Kong Racing returning should get a lot of people interested, right?

What do you think of these two new Wii U game rumours?


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