Ridley was meant to be an enemy in Super Smash Bros for 3DS?

Well, it’s not the playable character role we all wanted.  But according to some hacker who’s been dumping data from the Super Smash Bros for 3DS ROM, textures for Ridley have been spotted hidden within the game file.

And that’s not all.  Oh no, not only is there a suspiciously named entry for ‘Ridley’ near the Smash Run data, but also a whole ton of Brawl stuff including data referring to every boss from the game.  Here are some samples from the text file, showing this interesting information in action:

  • Hammerbros
  • Dogars
  • Bonkers
  • Peahat
  • Togemet
  • Nabbit
  • Mcgiant
  • Brontoburt
  • Ghost
  • Darknut
  • Subetenoyaminoou
  • Dosudosu
  • Totsukotsu
  • Ridley
  • Zully
  • Chappy
  • Tikibuzz

That’s from what’s obviously a Smash Run enemy/enemy texture listing.  As you can see, unused characters like Ridley and Nabbit (the latter from New Super Mario Bros U) appear alongside enemies actually present in the mode, like Hammer Bros, Peahats, Darknuts and Ghosts.

There’s also pretty obvious Brawl remnants like this:

  • eff_enem_MA_Duon_ZANZOU09_MOD
  • eff_enem_MA_Bosspackun_ZANZOU09_MOD
  • eff_enem_MA_Ridley_ZANZOU09_MOD
  • eff_enem_MA_Metaridley_ZANZOU09_MOD
  • eff_enem_MI_rayquaza_zanzo03
  • eff_enem_MI_galleom_zanzo03
  • eff_enem_MI_taboo_zanzo03
  • Which would correspond to Duon, Petey Piranha, Ridley, Meta Ridley, Raquaza, Galleom and Tabuu respectively, all of which were bosses featured in Brawl’s Subspace Emissary.  What are they doing here?  Not sure, but to be honest, I suspect they’re probably just remnants of the last game, and that the 3DS game was initially built/tested using resources from it. They could also be from a scrapped Boss Battles mode (to correspond with the unused announcer clips shown in the last article), but that’s pretty unlikely.

    Either way, looks like Ridley has just about been utterly deconfirmed in every way possible.  He might end up as an Stage boss or Smash Run enemy instead of a DLC fighter given this stuff.





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    Green Piggy
    Green Piggy
    5 years ago

    Petey Piranha was gonna be in the game!? Just hoping for him to get an appearance in Smash U