Reznor is in New Super Mario Bros 2!

Well, there’s other cool stuff obviously, but the prophecy has come true!  The awesomeness that is the four dinosaurs on a spinning wheel that is Reznor is making a reappearance for the first time in years, on the Nintendo 3DS!

Yes, he returns after many years of absence!  First it was the Koopalings, then Boom Boom, now Reznor!  Nintendo’s revived the fortress bosses from Super Mario Bros 3 and World again, and bringing them to the next generation!

Of course, there’s also this cool platforming, but Reznor’s much cooler anyway.

Underground with gold Mario! Not sure about the golden enemies/coins gimmick, but it’s a New Super Mario Bros game, that’s awesome in itself!

Mushroom jumping level in the sky.

Still, New Super Mario Bros 2 features Reznor everyone!  Damn Nintendo knows how to please the fans!