Rayman Origins Sequel Coming Soon?

There’s been an official Ubisoft survey posted online recently and the questions directly mention and show a second Rayman Origins game.  Here are some pictures of the page of the survey about the game:

Apparently they come from a marketing survey run by the company Arkenford, of whom Ubisoft is a regular client.

It looks to be more of the same and generally much like the first game from the limited description and short video shown.  The text reads:

Now we’re going to talk about the upcoming sequel of Rayman Origins and show you some video content. IN ADDITION TO ALL FEATURES ALREADY IN RAYMAN ORIGINS (long and intense campaign, in solo or up to 4 players join in/out co-op, beautiful 2D graphics…) its sequel will feature additions on which we’d like your feedback.

The sequel to Rayman Origins will feature brand new settings; legendary worlds filled with castles, vampires, Ghosts, Greek Gods, or dragons…

So yes sounds pretty good so far, and the screenshots look fantastic. What would you want in a sequel?


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