Rare Cofounders will receive Top Honour at Develop Awards

It’s likely been a long time coming given Rare’s history of great games, but Rare’s founders Tim and Chris Stamper will be named as this year’s Develop Industry Excellence Awards as Developer Legends.

Winning this award adds the two to an exclusive list of other top names who have also picked up the honour over the last few years.  Said list includes the likes of Mark Cerny, Tim Sweeney, Mark Rein, David Perry, Peter Molyneux, David Braben, Charles Cecil, Phil Harrison and Ian Livingstone.

The award is to recognise the significant amount of work they and Rare have achieved over the last 40 years, with the source making note of how they’re credited on more than a hundred different games created in said time frame.



Above: Some of the many great games their company has worked on over the years

Either way, it’s a great win for Rare in general and we at Gaming Reinvented congratulate them on their work at the company over the years.  After all, with Rare’s backlog of games including everything from Sabrewulf to Donkey Kong Country to GoldenEye and Banjo Kazooie, there couldn’t have been more deserving winners than this.  These games have literally defined the childhood for thousands or even millions of kids brought up on the ZX Spectrum, SNES and Nintendo 64.

Congrats guys, you deserve the win.  Here’s to another 40 or so years of Rare games!




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