Random; The Nintendo 3DS Daily Instant Show Time Button

Probably the pointless thing to ever add to a Nintendo related website, but voila:


It plays the intro and round music from the third Luigi’s Mansion 2 boss, the one fought at the top of the Clocktower.  Why did I decide that was something to add?

Because frankly, the music sounds a whole lot like something you could use in a whole bunch of real life situations.  Need a nice intro between entries on a top ten list?  Use the Show Time intro theme!

Above: Like I did in that Luigi’s Mansion 2 death theme compilation

In one of those annoying situations where you’re playing a turn based board game (or chess or something) and your opponent is taking forever?  Play the round music, the ticking clocks should get them to hurry up a bit.  It’s also a possible way to get rid of some of the tedium when you’re stuck watching a presentation of some kind and someone is blathering on about something no one in the right mind cares about.

Either way, use it wisely, like people do with all those ‘instant stock sound effect’ scripts online!


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