Project X Zone May be Localised?

According to a Namco representative, this could really turn out to be the case depending on how well the game sells in Japan.

Apparently, if the sales for the game are high enough over there, Namco will look into obtaining the North American licenses for all the franchises represented in the game and consider localising it for other countries.

Obviously this is no guarantee the game will be released in any other countries, the comment was merely that Namco would look into obtaining the licenses rather than confirming they’d be able to get the rights to them, and the game still has to do well in Japan for the possibility to even be considered (although a game merging Street Fighter, Mega Man, Resident Evil and countless others is probably likely to sell pretty well by name power alone), but it at least proves there’s some hope in seeing the game in other regions.

Oh, and one more thing… If you want this game so badly, this is the exact time to go and buy a Japanese copy of the game to boost its sales. Yes it won’t work on an American or European 3DS, but the act of buying it might raise sales at least somewhat, especially if a large enough group gets together like they did for Operation Rainfall and Xenoblade Chronicles.




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