Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney; New Screenshots!

This time though, you can definitely tell they’re going for the whole ‘medieval’ witch trial feel, the screens look fairly creepy and weird.  What’s that book Layton and Phoenix are holding?

Phoenix Wright has a mental breakdown?

Layton and Luke talking about that strange and somewhat demonic looking spell book.

Phoenix reading said book in court.  Okay, this is a little different to what people are used to from the Ace Attorney series…

One heck of a mean looking judge for a medieval trial.

That knight guy we’ve seen in quite a few screenshots.  What the hell is he holding?

Backstory!  My guess is that something extremely bad happens after this scene and it’s the reason that both Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton were called to the area.

The game’s cast looking fairly goofy.

Some new official art of the game.  What the hell is that creepy looking thing in the sky?  Is this some kind of magical demon thing brought about by a curse or something?

So there you have it, some more neat Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney screenshots and artwork.  They sure do make the game look even better, don’t they?


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6 years ago

Wright only does the break down animation normally when he is either scarred by something he has seen, or if Maya is in deep deep trouble.