Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney; Even more screens from the Tokyo Game Show

And as you’d expect, the game is looking just as good as people predicted.  You’ve got the standard Layton style puzzles and interactive scenes for the outside areas and exploring, the Ace Attorney style court cases and quite a bit of other stuff.  Here are the screens mentioned:

As you can see, the areas where you explore the town and talk to people are very much in the same style as the rest of the Professor Layton series.  Looks very nice too.

However, the sections inside the court rooms and many other parts of the games look very much like the rest of the Ace Attorney series.  Really, I’m surprised how easily the two series seem to fit together both stylistically and gameplay wise.

Is it me or do Layton and Luke look rather annoyed in this screenshot?

The game’s art style looks fantastic, just like an interactive cartoon.



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