Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies Debuts Poorly in Japan…

Or does it?  Because so far, the first week sales of this game have been the second lowest in the series (with only its predecessor Miracle Mask selling worse).  But is this really to do with the franchise and its direction or it seeming stale, or is it due to something that people aren’t really taking into account?

Layton series sales


Above: Looks ‘bad’, but is it?

After all, there’s quite a few reasons the old games might have sold better in their first week.  For one thing, look how many 3DS systems have been sold compared to DS/DS Lite/DSi systems.  Quite a few less because of how new the console is on the market in comparison.  Whose to say a lot of people didn’t buy Layton’s new title because either they don’t like the 3DS for some crazy reason or just didn’t see a reason to buy one yet?  Maybe the series just isn’t a good killer app on its own and hence people are waiting for a better game to be released first?

Pokemon X and Y logo


Above: Maybe people in Japan are waiting for Pokemon X and Y first…

I mean, Unwound Future hit bang in the middle of the DS life cycle when the system was still selling millions of units a month/week.  Maybe that had something to do with its sales being the best in the series?  It’s not like games usually sell out right at the start or end of a console’s life…

There’s also the possibility that as someone on another site said, the casual market has just moved on.  The same people who bought the old Layton games and Brain Training might not be Nintendo’s audience any more, leaving just the hardcore Layton fans that bought every game in the series.

And let’s not forget a few more matters of marketing and content.  How well did Nintendo market this title compared to the last titles?  If it wasn’t done well, that could have easily resulted in a drop in sales.  Just look at how ‘well’ the Wii U did in the UK for example after that marketing disaster…

Wii U sales UK

Above: It got outsold by the Playstation Vita and every other system on sale.  Ouch.

And as for content, it’s best not to assume the game being ‘stale’ did anything.  Maybe they made a few changes people disliked?  After all, New Super Mario Bros 2 didn’t quite bomb, so games that don’t change much don’t automatically fail (and Azran Legacies must have changed more than that or Madden or the like).  So while I haven’t actually played the new Professor Layton game, I would like to point out that many things in game could responsible for the decline in sales.

So it’s not the greatest ever Professor Layton title launch, but it’s probably wise not to count the series out yet.  After all, everything from the system its on to the audience leaving to the marketing could have easily hurt it as badly as any perceived ‘lack of change’.

What do you think about Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies’ launch?  Are the latest sales figures really a cause for concern or just a natural byproduct of Nintendo’s poor promotion, the 3DS not being as popular as the DS was due to it being new or something similar?


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I think they need to slow down on these games. They are good fun but the last few seemed a little rushed. They need to take a deep breath and think about it.