Pre order New Super Mario Bros 2, Get a Free Coin Case!

Shaped like a giant gold coin from the Mario series no less, completely with even a neat strap to hang it from a belt or something if you really desire going around with a giant gold coin hanging down and looking plain ridiculous.

Yeah, not subtle in the least is it? Apparently you’re meant to carry money inside this thing, although if any free gift on the planet was just destined to be a popular target for thieves, this is pretty much it.

So yes, if you pre-order New Super Mario Bros 2 from either GAME or Gamestation, you get this thing for free.  What’s it good for? Supposedly holding money, although it looks more like some kind of corny hypnotising pendulum to swing back and forth in front of people to get them to obey Wario and worship capitalism.

None the less, what do you think of this interesting choice of free gift you get when pre-ordering New Super Mario Bros 2 in the UK?


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