Potential Pokemon Sun/Moon Pokemon Trademarked?

We were right. These trademarks do indeed correspond to the Japanese names for the recently revealed Pokemon Sun and Moon starters. Based on this, it seems likely the legendary names are also correct too.

Have we possibly found out the names of our first generation 6 Pokemon species? Maybe so, since a few interesting Pokemon related names have been trademarked in the last few days, and they hint at things like the cover legendaries for the games.

Here they are, courtesy of a Twitter trademark bot:

The names are Solgaleo, Lunaala, Mokuroh, Ashimari, Nyabby and Marshadow.

So are they real? Well, from my attempts at searching the Japanese trademark database, they don’t seem to come up. Is it because the English version of the site doesn’t have them yet? Maybe, though I haven’t had much more luck trying to find them with the language set to Japanese and the search term changed to match.

But maybe the person posting the images is better than using the site than me. Are they relevant trademarks?

Well, I’m not sure to be honest. There’s been a few people talking about the registrants of the trademarks, and how they’re not associated with Nintendo. But that’s not exactly much evidence against it either. Before gen 6 came out, Pokemon from there (like Meowstic) were registered under different names too. So it’s possible that Nintendo and Game Freak are trying to keep these names under the radar as well as possible.

So it’s possible they’re Pokemon related. If so, what would they be like?

Well, Solgaleo and Lunaala sound a lot like cover legendaries. The former is based on the Latin words for sun (sol) and lion (leo), which hints at a lion like Pokemon to headline Pokemon Sun version. Lunaala is based on the Latin for moon (luna) and wing (ala), indicating a flying type bird Pokemon associated with Pokemon Moon version.

The others would be starter Pokemon. How do I know? Because according to a 4chan post associated with this rumour:

Mokuroh is based on the word moku (wood or tree in Japanese). Hence a grass type. Ashimari is based on the words ashika (sea lion) and mari (ball), which indicates a sea lion esque water Pokemon. And Nyabby is based on the words nyah and tabby. Which means a cat, and likely a fire type one. Either way, it’s likely these wouldn’t be the English names, since starter Pokemon tend to get renamed for each region. This is also why the two Pokemon above (and maybe the one below) have names that make sense in English, since legendary Pokemon keep the same basic name in all regions.

Source (4chan post picture on Imgur)

As for Marshadow? Well, it could be a third legendary Pokemon. Remember, since Ruby and Sapphire, cover legendaries come in trios rather than duos. We’ve had Rayquaza, Girantina, Kyurem and Zygarde so far, and they tend to be designed to stand up to the other two in battle. Presumably Marshadow is something to do with darkness or night, going well with the sun and moon. Or hey, since we’re in speculation mode… maybe some other celestial body, like a star?

So even if nothing else is confirmed, the names themselves seem to go well with a legendary trio and a set of three starter Pokemon. The choice of some cover legendaries and starters to trademark makes sense as well, since the first Pokemon to be revealed for a new generation tend to be those ones. It’s hence likely that the first five Pokemon listed would be shown off in the first teaser trailer for the games, sort of like how this was the first real footage of Pokemon X and Y:

Above: You can just picture something like this for Sun and Moon with the rumoured Pokemon.

But it’s still not confirmed, so take everything here with a grain of salt. Remember, trademarks don’t only get registered because companies want to use a name, but also because there’s the remote possibility they might in future. Neither Pokemon Grey or Pokemon Z ever existed, and nor did Pokemon Delta Emerald.

Still, what do you think about the trademarks? Are they real? And do Nintendo really plan to use them?


Possible Trademarks According to 2ch – Imgur (4chan post screenshot)