Popple Returns in Mario & Luigi Dream Team!

Remember Popple, the mysterious thief character found in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga?  The one Bowser ended up teamed up with as his ‘rookie’?  Well it seems like he’s in Mario & Luigi Dream Team!  No, I’m not joking, have a look at this trailer:

Notice anyone interesting at the 12 seconds mark?  Here’s a picture if you don’t:

Popple Returns

See that guy in the middle?  Yep, that’s Popple from Superstar Saga running away from a Wiggler with Mario and Luigi!

Looks like our favourite phantom thief has finally made a return!  Perhaps he’ll bring his catchy theme song with him?

So what do you think?  Are you happy to see Popple’s return in the new Mario & Luigi game?  What do you think his role will be?


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Notice how Popple is running away WITH Mario and Luigi? Maybe he’ll temporarily team up with them at some point in the game…

PS: I know this is a little bizarre to think about (especially since he was an enemy in Superstar Saga), but it’s possible :/