Pokemon X and Y; Type Changes/Fairy Type Matchups Revealed!

For a while now, people have been wondering what the type chart was going to be like in the sixth gen.  But now that Coro Coro’s latest issue is out, we can finally put all this at rest and reveal how the Fairy type interacts with everything else.

First up, it’s immune to Dragon.  As in, any Dragon attacks will do absolutely nothing to any Fairy types.

It’s also super effect against Dragon, Dark and Fighting types, resists the latter types without being immune to them and is ineffective against Poison, Fire, Bug and Steel types.  It’s also weak to Poison and Steel type attacks.

So that’s something.  But that’s not all!

Nope, now Steel has lost its resistance to Dark and Ghost type moves.  So in other words, Jirachi and Metagross are gonna be a hell of a lot less effective in gen 6 than they were before, since their main ‘useful’ resistance is now less useful.

But now that’s all stated, you’re probably wondering what I’m thinking about this stuff myself, right?

Well to be honest, I suspect the following changes will happen in the metagame (based on reading various forums and thinking about the type chart changes):

  1. Metagross and Jirachi might either become less common or drop out the Overused tier.
  2. Salamence might do likewise, along with Dragonite (since their secondary types do absolutely nothing against their weakness to Fairy attacks).
  3. Hydreigon is as good as gone from the tournament scene, given its double weakness to Fairy types and attacks.
  4. Xerneas is going to absolutely destroy half the current ‘Uber’ Pokemon.  Arceus Dark, Darkrai and Arceus Fighting better watch out and Arceus Dragon, Zekrom, Raquaza, Kyurem, Girantina and Palkia can near enough consider themself countered or potentially walled.   Heck, the only things that can potentially stop this Pokemon are Ho-oh, Arceus Fire, Genesect and Excadrill, given that everything else is either neutral or weak against it.

So that’s the type chart changes and my predictions for the changes to the metagame that’ll likely result from them.  What do you think?  Will these changes make certain older Pokemon damn near useless?  And how about that Xerneas as a potential destroyer of other overpowered Pokemon?



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Mega Man

“now more more”?

Mega Man
I’m assuming Hydreigon will move down to UU, still it’s going to be useful since it has a decent movepool, but having 5 weaknesses with one of them being a 4x weakness isn’t that desirable (I now understand why it was being used as Sylveon’s punching bag). Metagross has decent defense but will probably go down the same route as Hydreigon, Jirachi’s stats and movepool could save it from tier demotion. Specially offensive Dragon types will probably be the ones hit hardest by the tier changes since Sylveon is speculated to be a Special wall (there is exhibition match footage… Read more »

Not sure how I feel about the type matchups, for the most part. I am glad that steel is loosing its dark and ghost resistances, though. That never really made sense to me.

Hydreigon should be fine, it’s a fantastic Pokémon, great stats, movepool and versatility as well as two useful immunities and six useful resistances. Salamence, Garchomp and Dragonite are viable in ubers despite a 4 times weakness to Ice; T-Tar has a 4 times weakness to Fighting. There’s a real possibility that Fairy will be a lot like Steel (which was specifically designed to make Psychic, Normal and Dragon less OP). There aren’t many great Steel type attacks- only Meteor Mash is really viable. If there are a lack of reliable, powerful Fairy type attacks and Pokemon to use them, then… Read more »