Pokemon X and Y; More Mega Evolution Information

This is coming from that recent event I forgot to post about.  It’s pretty interesting info too, especially considering how useful it seems to make Mega Evos for battling.  Here it is:

Mega Evolutions are activated by touching an icon on the bottom screen in battle, and happen before you get to attack.  So in one turn, you can both make a Pokemon Mega evolve and also attack the opponent.

One Mega Pokemon allowed per team, I think.

Other information revealed thanks to the demo is the following:

  • Running is now the default, with walking possible by holding the B button.  Why not just use the Circle Pad or something?
  • Some of Sylveon’s moves include Tail Whip, Fairy Wind, Quick Attack and Swift, with its ability being Cute Charm.
  • Froakie has the moves Water Pulse, Round, Quick Attack and Lick (presumably among others in the final game).
  • Fennekin has the moves Psybeam, Fire Spin, Tail Whip and Flame Charge, hinting at its evolved form being part Psychic type.
  • Helioptile has the moves Thundershock, Quick Attack, Parabolic Charge and Tail Whip.
  • Professor Sycamore is battled, with a Chandelure, Crobat and Dragonite on his team.  The demo also gives you a Mewtwo and Mega Mewtwo stone to use with it, although I assume that’s not going to be in the final game.
  • Pokémon-Amie has the options of Play, Hunger and Friendliness, and a new food item called a Pofure can be fed to Pokemon there.

Here are some pictures someone online took showing some of this stuff:

PokemonXtitlescreen PokemonYtitlescreen Demotitle

The title screens for Pokemon X and Y, as well as the special demo.


The Mega Evolve button, which looks a lot like a Smash Ball from the Super Smash Bros series.


And Professor Sycamore losing a battle against the player.  Yes, there are win/loss animations for both the player and opponent trainers now.

You can find more of these pictures at this guy’s image gallery:


Well, there’s some neat new information about Pokemon X and Y for everyone.  Will you be using Mega Evolutions in battle now you know how they work?  And what do you think of things like the Pokemon movesets and title screens?



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