Pokemon X and Y; Mega Evolution Screens and Art!

Just a few days ago, we mentioned how Coro Coro Magazine had mentioned a new feature in Pokemon X and Y known as Mega Evolutions, and posted a few neat scans showing them.  However, as of earlier today, Nintendo’s own official Pokemon website updated with information about this very same game mechanic, and so here’s the official artwork and screenshots showing Mega Evolution and its various users in gen 6.

Mega Mewtwo

First up, here are some great screenshots showing Mega Mewtwo (Mewtwo’s new form, the one announced in the recent anime series movie) in action.

MegaMewtwo1 MegaMewtwo2 MegaMewtwo6 MegaMewtwo5 MegaMewtwo4 MegaMewtwo3 MegaMewtwo7 MegaMewtwo8 MegaTransform2 MegaTransform3


There’s also a neat gif showing the transformation itself, in case you want to see it:


Interestingly, it also seems to get SMALLER when it transforms, with ‘Mega’ Mewtwo having a height of 4′ 11″ and a weight of 72.8 lbs (compared with normal Mewtwo’s 6′ 07″ height and 269.0 lbs. Strange. Oh, and it also has Insomnia as its ability instead of Pressure. Not much, but I guess it’s at least somewhat more useful.

Mega Lucario

We also have some screenshots and art showing Mega Lucario in action.  Enjoy:

Mega_Lucario-X-and-Y Mega_Mewtwo_Mega_Lucario-X-and-Y MegaLucario1 MegaLucario2 MegaLucario3 MegaLucario4 MegaLucario5

As you can clearly see, it looks pretty damn badass in the official artwork, especially that one which has it going up against Mega Mewtwo.

Oh, and it now has Adaptability as an ability. So… its STAB attacks (aka ones of its same type) do twice their normal damage rather than 1.5 times it. That’s pretty scary considering how the ability is generally seen as quite a useful one (and one only rare in the metagame because it’s only found on weak/near useless Pokemon), just imagine how powerful it’ll be as an effect on ones that are actually usable in competitive multiplayer…

Mega Blaziken

Finally, here’s some screens showing Mega Blaziken in action, as well as its official artwork:

Mega_Blaziken-X-and-Y MegaBlaziken1 MegaBlaziken2 MegaBlaziken3 MegaBlaziken4

It has the ability Speed Boost, like the Dream World Blaziken does. Kind of scary really, normal Blaziken apparently shot straight from being fair game to the Uber tier because it got this ability, just imagine the effect of a form that could be like, twice as powerful as the normal version with such a game breaker ability…

Oh, and one more thing.  Want to see the items you equip to turn Pokemon into their ‘mega’ forms in battle?  Well here you go then:

MegaStonepic Megastone2

As you can see, there’s a seperate Mega Stone to go with every Pokemon that has a Mega Evolved version.  Wonder what the Mega Mewtwo transformation stone will be called?

They also released a new trailer showing this stuff in action:

So that it, Mega Evolution/Mega Pokemon have finally been revealed officially, and the likes of Mega Mewtwo and Mega Blaziken are going to break the game significantly in just how damn good they’ll probably be.

What do you think of this Mega Evolution stuff now?

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I really like how it is a battle only thing. I think that is a neat twist on evolutions. It’s almost a “digimon-esque” idea where they evolve up then back down when it’s over, but the way it stacks on normal evolution structure is really cool. I cannot wait for this game. 🙂