Pokemon X and Y; Lots of New Official Art!

Here’s an absolute ton of official art for Pokemon X and Y, showing pretty much every new Pokemon species announced in a while.  Want to see it?  Keep reading past the ‘jump’ (by clicking on the article title or read more) and you’ll get your wish!

New Pokemon Art

Diggersbyart Dragalgeart Clawitzerart Fletchlinderart Florggesart Espurrart Carbinkart Aegislashart2 Aegislashart


Mega Pokemon Artwork

MegaGengarart MegaTyranitarart MegaAggronart MegaKangaskhanart

So yes, as you can see, there’s lots of nice new official artwork there showing the new Pokemon species and Mega Evolutions.  And they look a whole lot better in this quality than they do in the magazine scans and fairly mediocre screenshots released by leakers.

What do you think about this new Pokemon X and Y artwork?


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