Pokemon X and Y; Diancie Revealed in Official Video!

Because while the Coro Coro scan we got a few days ago was good enough already, the Pokemon company themselves have decided to come forward and officially reveal the Pokemon too.

Watch the video in the full post…

You can also find some pictures (direct from the official website) below:

Diancie Art

Diancie Pokedex

dianciebattle1 dianciebattle2 dianciebattle3 dianciebattle4 dianciepokeami dianciepokeami2 dianciebattle5 dianciebattle6 dianciebattle7 dianciebattle8 dianciebattle9 dianciebattle10

As you can see from the pictures, it seems pretty powerful too.  I mean, a Rock/Fairy type legendary?  That’s sure to be pretty good in a metagame filled with Dragon types.  It could even be viable in Ubers if its stats aren’t completely terrible (as an extra Fairy alongside Xerneas and Arceus Fairy type).

But what do you think about it?  Is Diancie a Pokemon you might put on your Pokemon X and Y team?


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6 years ago

It actually looks really freaken good. The only thing that bothers me is the rock coming out from underneath the dress, it just looks weird…