Pokemon Sun and Moon Save Glitch Found

Remember how in Pokemon X and Y, saving in Lumiose City would break the game?

Well, it seems the equivalent has now happened in Pokemon Sun and Moon too. This time, saving in a Pokemon Centre will cause your character model not to spawn on reloading, which makes you unable to leave the area or continue the game.

Here’s a video of it courtesy of Ray2R on YouTube:


Fortunately, this is glitch is apparently rare. It’s also possible that some actions were required before it kicks on (like using the PC or trading).

But in case it does go wrong, be safe rather than sorry. Don’t save in a Pokemon Centre where possible. Save outside the Pokemon Centre instead, where the glitch definitely does not occur.

Let’s also hope that Game Freak and Nintendo put out a patch for the game soon as well. I mean, it’ll happen soon or later, it did for Pokemon X and Y after all.
This is a quick warning about a glitch in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


PSA: Do Not Save Inside the Pokemon Centre After Turning Off The Game (GameFAQS)


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Link 70222
4 years ago

I've only been saving in Pokemon Centers! Hopefully I can make it one more turn on before the glitch occurs.

4 years ago

Last time I saved, I was in a Pokémon Center. So the title scared me a bit at first