The Pokemon Sun and Moon Review Round Up

In just three days, Pokemon Sun and Moon are being released in the US and Japan. Because of this, the review embargo has now run out for the titles, letting gaming websites with review copies of the game post their full verdicts on the new games and their general quality level.

So how good are Pokemon Sun and Moon? How well did they do as far as review scores go?

Very well actually. Just like every other Pokemon RPG in the last 20 years, Pokemon Sun and Moon has been getting great reviews of between 85-95%. Indeed, it’s even got perfect review scores from some media outlets!

Like say, Nintendo Life. They gave it a perfect 10/10 and said the game was ‘outstanding’. Or in perhaps the worst display of humour ever, that the difference between this and the previous games was ‘like night and day’.

British media site Digital Spy seemed to have much the same sentiment, since their review of Pokemon Sun and Moon gave it a perfect score as well. Calling it the ‘ultimate Poke adventure’, they say it manages to introduce lots of great new features yet maintains the classic core gameplay that older fans want and expect.

Moving on from perfect review scores now, we get to IGN’s one. This review gives the game a 9/10, saying it’s a great game slightly plagued by awkward dialogue and predictable events. Nothing negative, just not perfect due to a slightly corny storyline.

Destructoid gave it a solid 9/10 score as well. And while they said there were a few issues (like Z-Moves not playing as a big a role as they’d hoped), they seemed to really like the game too.

In fact, they kind of summed up the game quite well in this quote:

But for every issue I found with Pokemon Moon, whether it was an old problem that just caught up with the series or something new — I found solace in the indomitable likability of a cast member, or the thrill of finding another party member that I would battle with for years to come

Or in other words? It wasn’t perfect, but it was fun and well designed enough that it didn’t need to be perfect to get a 9/10 score.

And presumably, that’s what much of the other media sites thought too. Indeed, many review sites have given the games a solid 90% rating, with examples ranging from God is a Geek to the Sixth Axis and Metro GameCentral. The latter’s review was interesting in how it contrasted the game with Pokemon GO, saying Sun and Moon went ‘far beyond anything in said game’ and lauding them for being great games overall.

But were there any more critical reviews?

Well, kind of. The likes of Nintendo World Report, Games Radar and Pocket Gamer all gave it 8/10 ratings, saying they were too linear for long time players. Or in other words, that were like Pokemon X and Y. Aka fun but extremely linear.

Also in the 8/10 club was Game Informer, with an 8.5 rating overall. No idea quite how the game got that score, given that the only negative really mentioned in the review was the Photo Mode being ‘fairly shallow’. Maybe it’s because they thought the game was a bit too familiar overall. Or something similar.

Either way, if an 8/10 is seen as a ‘low’ score for any game, that says an awful lot about how good the title is in general. I mean yeah, it’s not quite on Ocarina of Time or Super Mario Galaxy’s level, but Pokemon Sun and Moon are still getting review scores that put much of the industry to shame none the less.

However, you might be wondering ‘what happened to Gamespot or US Gamer in all this?’ And the answer is…

Neither have provided a review score yet.

And I think Gamespot’s review kind of implies the reason why:

Basically, they’re “only able to discuss [their] experience up to the Hokulani Observatory”. So in other words, the Pokemon Company, Nintendo or Game Freak have an embargo on details related to the endgame or other story related twists.

So it seems like they might be waiting for that embargo to run out before giving their full thoughts on the matter. A pretty logical decision if you ask me.

And that sums up the Pokemon Sun and Moon reviews posted online so far. Mostly good 9/10 scores with a smattering of perfect 10s and slightly lower 8s mixed in. In other words? They’re good games for 3DS owners and Pokemon fans alike, and ones you should buy as possible.

But what do you think? Are you more likely to buy Pokemon Sun and Moon after these critic reviews? Or are you more interested in waiting for people on YouTube, blogs or social media to give their thoughts on the games before jumping in?


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