Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Datamined: Confirms Leaked Starter Evolutions

As promised last week, the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo was released on the eShop earlier today.

And also as expected, people online have been datamining the hell out of it. So to avoid this causing problems, Game Freak removed various bits of data from the game. Like say, stats for most Pokemon. Or 90% of moves. Or a ton of normal models for Pokemon.

Unfortunately, they didn’t finish the job. Why? Because not only have tons of models being left in, but also many of the shiny ones in general. Including say, those for legendary Pokemon or unrevealed Ultra Beasts.

Here are some videos showing this stuff:

So what’s included here? What seems to be new in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Well for starters, it seems like the mascot legendaries actually have pre-evolutions this time around! No, we’re not kidding. Solgaleo and Lunaala actually have ‘baby’ versions in addition to their normal ones.


Do we get the baby forms before the main ones? Do we get to breed the normal forms for them? At the moment, we don’t know. Still, it’s certainly new having members of a ‘legendary duo’ or ‘legendary trio’ that aren’t the only members of their evolutionary lines.

There’s also Marshadow, the elusive mythical Pokemon whose trademark was also spotted online a months back:


It seems to be the Mew or Celebi equivalent for generation 7. Or perhaps Alola’s version of Hoopa, complete with secret and more powerful hidden form. Either way, it’s new and very appropriate to its theme.

In addition to this, we also have proof the leaked starter evolutions are real. As you can see here:

starter evos

So the fire cat wrestler, Robin Hood owl and mermaid clown are actual Pokemon and not fan made fakes. That’s got to annoy people who didn’t want a bipedal Litten evo, hasn’t it?

And in addition to this, there are also a few general Pokemon additions too. Like the Alola common bird line, where the last form is a toucan. The bipedal and somewhat badass evolutions of Wimpod and Salundit. Or even what appears to be a living ship wheel, as seen in the pictures here:




Either way, this apparently adds up to 81 new Pokemon, giving a total of 802 as of this generation.

But it’s not just new Pokemon species we’ve seen here! Oh no, there are other forms of old Pokemon too. Like Ash-Pikachu, the Pikachu version of Ash-Greninja:


Plus numerous Ultra Beasts not seen before:

ultra beasts
However, here’s the thing here.

These Ultra Beasts also have shiny forms. Like you know, actual Pokemon. Which you can see right here:

shiny ultra beasts

This implies that unlike the Pokestar Studios creatures from generation 5, you’re actually meant to catch these at some point. So they’ll probably act as another set of legendaries for the generation instead of a new feature.

But enough about new Pokemon for now. What about other things in the game? Like Alolan forms?

Well, it seems we’ve got a few new ones there too. These include Alola Diglett and Dugtrio (with very nice hairstyles), the Alolan Geodude line and a very goofy, almost housecat like version of Persian.

new alola forms

Interesting designs, but they’re very hard to take seriously here.

We also have confirmation that there are no new types in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Not surprising (given how hard it would have been to keep a new type secret), but useful to know given how the Fairy type was suddenly introduced at the start of the last generation.

New moves are also a thing (as always), with the following ones being known so far:

  • Psychic Terrain: Boosts the power of Psychic moves, stops Pokemon on ground being hit by priority moves
  • Throat Chop: Target Pokemon can’t use sound based moves for two turns
  • Aurora Veil: Halves the power of both special and physical attacks for five turns (oh god this sounds broken)
  • Laser Focus: The next move will always result in a critical hit (so in other words, Lock-on or Mind-reader for critical hits)

And this is merely just a taster of what’s to come. Why? Because as mentioned in the intro, most moves were taken out the demo and replaced with Pound to stop them being leaked.

There are certainly other moves we don’t know about, but those outside of the above list and a selection of moves from older generations were removed from the demo and replaced with Pound to prevent them being leaked.

As far as met locations go, the following are present in the demo:

  • Mystery Zone
  • Faraway Place
  • Hau’oli City
  • Shopping District
  • Marina
  • Ten Carat Hill
  • The Kalos Region

Again, it’s not a comprehensive list (since the others were scrubbed from the demo), but there is some new information there none the less.
For interesting new abilities, there’s Stakeout. This doubles the damage dealt to the replacement Pokemon if the Pokemon being attacked is switched out.

And for other stuff, there’s at least four new ribbons, 186 trainer classes, 720 moves and the speed drop from Paralysis being nerfed to just ½ (rather than ¼ of the original speed).

So that wraps up the demo findings so far. It’s not a full game leak (since Game Freak were much better prepared than they were in past generations), but it’s enough to give us an idea about many of the new Pokemon in the game, some new moves and other changed game mechanics none the less.

You can find any future updates to this information over on the Pokemon subreddit here:

Updated Info on Datamining – Pokemon Subreddit

Or at various discussion topics on Pokemon related forums here:

Pokemon Sun and Moon Datamine Collection (on Smogon)

But what do you think? Are you impressed with what you’ve seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon so far? Or do you wish Game Freak had kept this stuff a bit better hidden and people had only found out about it once the games were actually released?


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Link 70222
4 years ago

I'm a little peeved about the Litten final evo, but it's final type isn't confirmed. Just by looking at it I can tell it's going to be fire/fighting. This might actually be the first time I choose the grass starter…

Also why does Dugtrio look like Nickelback? It also has two other hair styles I recognize, but I can't think who they resymbol right now. I'm honestly a little scared lol. I do like the Ash Pikachu though. I might have to get me one of those. 😛