Pokemon Sun and Moon Are Biggest UK Nintendo Launch of All Time

From the moment the games were announced, it was pretty obvious Pokemon Sun and Moon were going to sell really well. I mean, it’s Pokemon isn’t it? That’s so popular the last two generations have sold over 2 million copies in the first two days alone.

But what’s a bit less obvious is how well the games have done in the UK.


Because as the title suggests, they’ve now had the highest launch sales of any Nintendo game ever released in the UK. Like, better than anything on the DS at Wii. Or even the original games on Game Boy. Here are some tweets about it by Eurogamer editor Tom Phillips:

Heck, they’ve actually sold in one day what Wii Fit sold in two whole weeks. And that was at the height of the Wii’s popularity!

Damn that’s impressive.

So is this Pokemon’s comeback in the UK? Maybe, or maybe it’s just in part a response to the popularity of Pokemon GO. Either way, it’s an impressive number for a Nintendo game in an otherwise less Nintendo supportive region. Let’s hope it stays that way for generation 8 and 9!


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