Pokemon Sun and Moon Announced in Nintendo Direct

Well, it was already discovered yesterday thanks to an early trademark application, but now it’s official. The Pokemon Direct has come and past, and Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon really are the next generation of Pokemon titles. What’s more, they’ll be out later this year and will be released exclusively for the 3DS in late 2016.

Here’s the presentation, if you somehow missed it the first time around:

US Pokemon Direct

UK Pokemon Direct

Japanese Pokemon Direct

As you can see, Pokemon Sun and Moon have been announced for 2016, they’ll be available in 9 languages (with Chinese traditional and simplified being the new ones) and Pokemon can be transferred from the Virtual Console games to the new ones via Pokemon Bank.

So what can we say about this? Well, a few things actually. Namely…

What’s Happening with Zygarde?

Like really, what is happening with him? About a year ago or so, it was announced that Zygarde had multiple formes, including a core forme, a dog like 10% forme, his normal one and an ultimate (100%) one. People then made the obvious assumption that these formes would somehow factor into a Pokemon Z or Pokemon X2/Y2 type scenario.





Above: What’s the deal with this guy now?

But now generation 7 is on the way and will be with us before the end of the year, how does that affect these new formes? Are they randomly obtainable in Pokemon Sun/Pokemon Moon with no build up? Do they play important roles in the plot, giving us a case where a previous gen legendary somehow factors into the storyline for a new set of games? Are we getting a random event in a few months, where the devs just say ‘here you go, free Zygarde formes’?

And what about the anime series? Because any new season tends to start when the next set of games are released in Japan. Assuming a worldwide release in late 2016, that gives them about seven months. In that time, they need to blast through the next few gyms, fail at the Pokemon League, wrap up Zygarde’s storyline and finish off the whole thing with Team Flare. Even assuming the latter is getting a terrible ‘mini arc’ like the episode N one, that’s quite a tall order.

What is generation 7 going to actually be like?

Pokemon Moon Logo

Pokemon Sun Logo

Pokemon Moon Japanese Logo

Pokemon Sun Japanese Logo

Above: The English and Japanese logos for Pokemon Sun and Moon. We don’t really know much about the games, at least not officially.

A few people have already speculated it might be set in the UK or some other European country due to the architecture and modern technology shown, but exactly is the world of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon going to be like? What will the region name before? What will the cover legendaries likely be? Why Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? What’s the major new gimmick the games will likely have to stand out from the last titles? Will we see something akin to Mega Evolutions in this set of games?

And right from the trailer, what is all this about?

pokemon concepts

What’s going on in these pictures?

new pokemon centre

What’s this new Pokemon Centre got to offer?


How are cars going to factor into these games?

mystery location

What’s this building?  And most importantly…

mystery pokemon

What the heck is this mystery bird Pokemon?  Is it the new Pidgey equivalent for generation 7?  Cause some are saying it looks like a woodpecker…

How is Pokemon Bank going to work with generation 1 games?

Seriously, how is that going to work out anyway? Generation 1 have quite a few interesting differences from the later titles, like a huge amount of glitches that let you capture Pokemon at all kinds of odd levels and a totally different set of TMs that let you teach moves seen as much rarer in later generations.

Above: How people are going to be getting their Mews from now on

How is the system going to cope with the hundreds of Mews likely caught via the Mew glitch? Or the hilarious metagame shattering results of Fissure and Horn Drill (both one hit KO moves) being teachable to many more species than in later games? No Guard Machamp with Fissure will be especially hilarious; No Guard makes sure its attacks never miss. Or maybe Poliwrath with Fissure and Mind Reader, which lets it lock onto the enemy Pokemon and wipe it out in one shot.

Above: A bit like this, but with Fissure.

Either way, the video raises quite a few interesting questions, and they’re ones we wonder if Nintendo or the Pokemon Company has actually planned for. But what do you think about Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, now that they’re officially the main Pokemon gen 7 games? Or the ability to move Pokemon from generation 1 to Pokemon Sun and Moon via Pokemon Bank?


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