Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; Magnate and the Infinite Labyrinth Screens

Well, here are even more screens of this new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game that’s coming to the 3DS soon.  They look pretty impressive, although I do have to wonder why it seems Cofragius or whatever it’s called is almost always portrayed as a villain in these spinoffs, it’s basically become the next Darkrai.  Still, here are the screenshots:

Really though, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Magnate and the Infinite Labyrinth looks like a fantastic Pokemon spinoff, and an excellent sequel to the previous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games that were released on the GBA and DS a while back.  It upgrades everything like the graphics and technical qualities, and additionally adds in all the new species from gen 5 to bring the series up to date with Pokemon Black and White and their sequels.

Looks like a game any Pokemon fans out there should consider getting!