Pokemon Generations “Subliminal Cuts”

If you want to full truth behind the secrets Nintendo and Pokemon have been hiding then you are in for a wild ride as I analyze episodes 1-7 of the Pokemon Generations series. For those who are “Unaware”, Pokemon Generations is a 1st party animated shorts (which are “comfy and easy to wear”) series. That means no Pokemon Go. No Tracy West. No spinoffs of any kind. Just purified Nintendo business models. Please continue reading or at least view the collage I have made for this occasion. The world would appreciate it.

So plenty of people complain about Disney, Nintendo, Lego, and the government am I right? Now here’s your chance to criticize me and I will accept your creative opinions fully. “What does these shorts actually cover?” you may ask, and the answer is your underwear (or in other words a whole lot of ugly stuff).
Here’s a general list of what to look at if you are a first timer:
-Amateur detective hopes to catch criminal organizations
-Monarchy and a whole lot of it
-Anti hunting agendas (it’s a stretch until you look at how tightly knit Disney is to Nintendo)
-Religious allegories
-The gap of clear cut opinions between the young and the old generations in real life.
-Big business versus small business
-Automation and militant themes
-Potential sexism for the best

The pacing of these shorts is quick, concise, and accurate to the GB, DS, and 3DS main series Pokemon games respectively as those are the games still in circulation and are still in stock at stores and/or can be found and bought on the 3DS eShop. Many adult fans say there are plot holes and this series is fanservice, and I may agree to some extent, however only because they just stated one situation. The truth of the matter is any great story takes thought to get into or to appreciate to the fullest degrees. I believe this is one of the greatest modern pieces of art in our time and perhaps it’s going to be one of the most influential from a contemporary standpoint.

Let’s get down to business…

Episode 1 is just a big opening with all the main regions excluding anything made in a spin-off title like the GCN games Colosseum and Pokemon XD: GoD (which took place in Arizona Orre) for personal reasons but in my opinion it really doesn’t matter to me anymore as Nintendo’s business decisions numbed my emotions and brought them to a dull roar. You already know Generation 1 has been done to death so let’s move to some somewhat factual evidence as to how Blue got to become so overpowered so fast. Did he use the Missingno. Glitch to get level 255 Pokemon? This is not likely, as he uses basic typing advantage strategies to beat almost all the Elite Four. Clearly Pokemon battles are an alien concept to parents everywhere. If you want to know the basic story ask your friend or pen pal from school and they will gladly spoil it for you. Blue seems to really hate his dad for an unknown reason so he might as well end up working as an admin in the next Pokemon title. He says the Pokedex is only a tool to help him become stronger *worthless nitpicks*but man he just learned the basics of how to lose in a Pokemon battle already. He’s supposed to catch every Pokemon so he can adapt his fighting style to counter that strategy.*worthless nitpicks* It adds a great sense of friction and violence to each fight he has. Now that he has it all (when being the best he wanted to be) who will take it from him?

Giovanni originally states the same basic things Blue says, with the fact that Pokemon are used as tools or weapons. He then leaves his own Gym after losing to Trainers Red and Blue, and his son comes into play. His son hates him for not being the bigger person he could be, but Giovanni knows being a leader of a Ponzi scheme takes strategy and a whole lot of people who may or may not fully believe in his ideals. Giovanni’s son then decides to challenge the Elite Four after talking with Looker (damn that’s hard to swallow, what is the official Pokemon canon? Oh wait, it’s a b******* distraction from the main point of the series).

Eucine is like a Pokemon evangelist. His purpose in the series is to be the guiding light for the Pokemon community. There is this myth that dogs (or maybe Zygarde forms) were transformed by Ho-Oh to create the Legendary Dogs (Entei, Suicune, and Raikou). The humans hated the powers of “manipulation” the Pokemon had so one guy threw a rock for an act of symbolism.

Here’s where things get really freaky. In Episode 7 the acting is spot on and the main enemy characters seem to be the only ones with personality and/or potentially strange superpowers which could be explained in real life terms if you wanted to truly get the devil out of those details…

Common anime tropes used:
Government involvement
Locations based off Japan
A contemporary perspective on theology
Huge demonic threats (Omega Groudon)
Exceptionally realistic and moving art style that could almost be live action
Awesome and deeply moving musical scores

Keep in mind these things are expected to keep a great story from being ruined by real life problems like lawsuits. The translations are at maybe at a middle school reading level (not for or against) and the questions it asks us as a human being are inspiring in both positive and negative ways. 9.9/10 Back to what you really wanted to read…

Keep in mind these may be nitpicks but if I can notice them then so should you guys too.

-Amateur detective hopes to catch criminal organizations.
Looker is an amateur at Pokemon battles so I take it he knows more about forensics and the law more than Pokemon. Then again he appears more amateur because he’s in a children’s game.
-Monarchy and a whole lot of it
The Elite Four was most likely founded by some royal family who knew a lot about Pokemon and how to harness their power so they could get riches and eventually form a basic military government based off of that.
-Anti Hunting Agendas
You see all these Pokemon not dying in the wild? YOU THINK THIS IS SOME SORT OF GAME YOU’RE TRYING TO MAKE OUT OF LIFE GAME FREAK? I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD WHO COULD FIND THIS TO BE OFFENSIVE. Stealing Pokemon just sounds a lot like taking a gun away from a 2nd Amendment supporting Redneck. It just makes Team Rocket look like better people than the gamers try to imagine when they have play against Team Rocket in both generations they appear as main villains.
-Religious Allegories
This is a basic work of art but you probably knew everything about what theologies Pokemon is based off of the Game Theorists Culture Shock series or Gnoggin or whatever. I really appreciate the execution and the direction the director took when making this part. It feels genuine.
-The gap of clear cut opinions between the young and the old generations in real life.
Now we have something literally everyone who’s old enough to understand can relate to. The kid pushes the limits of the parent and the parent wants to protect the kid. In the following argument (which remind me of the “Porcupine’s dilemma”) that takes place in the episode I was talking about involving Giovanni the situation is a lose-lose one the way the dramatization was added to it. Naturally they learn from each other because of it.
Big business versus small business
In the same conversation example I used above I also concluded this was also true. Organizations (a.k.a. Cults, Foundations, corporate businesses, alliances, charities, etc.) have always had an unsettling aura to teens/adolescent people because of the lack of creative freedoms and standards those businesses have set and it’s a constant struggle. On one hand the small business with the original ideals may win over a large business with strict ideals with the proper support of course. In general I find the conflict to be more of a personality exposing ordeal than anything else and let’s just leave it at that. It’s independence versus conformity in the most black and white sense.
-Automation and militant themes
Episode 7 (in both Pokemon Generations and Disney Star Wars) has taught us the power of using neurochemicals and psychological influence to create an aura of confidence and narcissism which is at the end of a climax typically only solved by physical pain (which Game Freak wouldn’t want to show because kiddies) on either side (PTSD). Was Courtney taking some prescription psychotic drugs in order to see those visions, was she epileptic, or was there some godlike force sending her visions? God only knows.
-Potential sexism for the best *deep feels speech alert*
The world is full of conflicting views on race, gender, preferences and backgrounds so I’ll just cover the basic of what I mean to avoid a total flame war. Was Courtney sedated or is her voice supposed to emulate that of a freaky psychic/psychotic person? I want a full bio and background stat. The point I’m trying to say here is women in most cultures typically follow a strict code of morals (a.k.a. knowing everything they want to know and improving their self image/being a mother/girlfriend) and she just seems like the odd one out that makes a feminist culture (especially libertarians in social media) look bad and overly vulnerable. Yes I’ve had one personal experience where I’ve heard one female in a city mall be delusional (she may have heard a bird) but who am I to judge and I was humming anyway (and the mall had a radio playing so idk). It takes a village to get some darn kids off their internet/Cable TV so they don’t end up in their teens and start going crazy (then again there are still a variety of other factors). Don’t think this isn’t real because quantum mechanics can prove you wrong in the snap of your fingers. I’m not saying to reform the city I went to (almost everything there is funded by DOW btw) but I am saying it’s the world we live in and we need to deal with people who personally can’t tell fact from fiction so we got science to prove everything to us that we are safe instead of a religion. But on the other side of the spectrum talking about your personal life and past problems with perverts involved with them for political gain (anti-media bias kicking in) isn’t going to get you anywhere in the real world except you are considered a protected class and you need some brief support systems to make you feel better. Just suck it up and listen to some of your favorite music for 10 minutes after reading this and see if that makes you feel any better then it was for you to just talk about your life out on an open field where anyone can find out about you if they want to. Yes we do need law and order. How long is it going to take for us as a world to accept that? The choice is yours my relatives in faith.

Speaking of media I almost forgot about the mentioning of Team Rocket’s use of media to uproot an old cult again. Odds are if the movement is understandable and relatable (and if it has supported you in any way) then it would most likely come back again to haunt our nation’s future had it not been for the innovations we had in the past and intellectual media + bigger populations. Just note that the way Team Rocket (2) took over a radio station in order to influence the public is entirely possible nowadays as well. Colosseum even simulates this numerous times.
Thank you for your time, and as always have a phantasmagorical day. o/


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4 years ago

I think you might have gone crazy.

But it's good satire, none the less!