Pokemon Black and White 2; More Info and Screenshots!

All this comes from the Coro Coro magazine scans, possibly due to a translation by Serebii.net.  You can see both the scans and the facts below, and some of this stuff does really sound quite interesting.  So read on for my thoughts on this stuff!

Keldeo’s form changes when it learns Secret Sword and you need to have Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion in Sangi Town to change it to its new form.

Black and White 2 feature different caves.  Supposedly this means in Black 2 the cave will be based around water, while it’ll be based around magma in White 2.  Guess they really are pushing the whole differences between versions thing in these sequels to an even greater degree than in the first game.

Black City and White Forest will return, although no mention seems to be made about what changes these areas may undergo.

The Magby/Magmar/Magmortar line and the Buneary/Lopunny are exclusive to Black 2 and Elekid/Electabuzz/Electivire and Skitty/Delcatty are exclusive to White 2.

Cities are supposedly also different from in the original Pokemon Black and White.  Serebii says they’ve had vast changes, although no explanation is made of what these changes could be or why they’re particularly necessary.

You will receive a special Fes Mission in Castelia City if you show a person Meloetta, this mission being called ‘A Great Berry Search Adventure’ and has you search for berries in Unova in 3 minutes. There’s also another such mission called the ‘Search for Audino’.  For those that don’t really know or care much about Audino, it’s supposedly a Pokemon from the gen 5 games that can be found in any rustling patch of grass, so presumably the mission that requires searching for it will be pretty easy.

There’s also some new shop shown in the Join Avenue image where different types of food increase different stats.  Base stats/EVs too.

A Piplup knowing the move song will be given out on wifi between the 20th of July to August 9th 2012.

Porygon can be captured with the Pokemon Dream Radar.  I guess that’s a pretty nifty way to find it in Pokemon Black and White 2, given its status as an artificially created/virtual Pokemon.

An item called the Reflecting Mirror is used to change the forms of Tornadus, Thundurus & Landorus, and is gained by taking the Landorus gained through the Dream Radar to a certain spot in game.  Presumably this explains how the Incarnation formes are only usable in Black and White 2 rather than the original gen 5 games, the item required can’t be transferred back in a similar way to how the item needed to keep Girantina in its origin forme can’t be transferred back to Diamond and Pearl from Platinum.

Tornadus has Regenerator, Thundurus has Volt Absorb, Landorus has Intimidate. This is supposedly worrying some people studying the meta game.  Well not really, it’s opening up interesting new possibilities for competitive play, at least from what I hear.

So yes, that’s the new information about Black and White 2.  Now here are the recent trailers for the game and the Dream Radar:

and here are the magazine scans in question that this info is supposedly taken from:


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