Paper Mario Sticker Star; New Screenshots including a Snifit Quiz Show!

All from the Japanese site, which has these screenshots on its image page.  Here are the screens in question:

Here’s the Snifit Quiz Show host!  I have to say, I like this section of the game from the screenshots provided, it reminds me a lot of Chuck Quizmo and that Quiz Thwomp from Thousand Year Door.  He also strikes me as very close to Game Guy from Mario Party 3, although that’s probably a coincidence.

Ski lifts!  Wow, a Yoshi’s Island reference in Paper Mario?  Who’d have thought it?

*Remembers Rapheal the Raven from the original*

Never mind it all makes sense.    Also, is it me or is that an Ice Bro jumping across the lifts, and a Fuzzy coming down the rope?  Those things sure are getting dangerous these ideas, I still remember when the worst you could find was a snowman riding past!

An ancient temple.  Got to love the Toads in Egyptian style.

Finally, here’s a ghost house!  Holy heck that’s a lot of Boos overhead!  Is this like in the earlier games where if you fought the crowd enough you’d end up in a battle with the Atomic Boo?  Or is it just a Super Mario World style ghost house?

But yeah, there you have it, some new interesting screens of Paper Mario Sticker Star from the official website.  I guess you can at least say the level of personality and charm present in the older games is still here, since the quiz show game host and presence of Yoshi’s Island elements are very much something you’d expect to see in Thousand Year Door or the original.

What do you think, do you like these screenshots?