Paper Mario Sticker Star; New Screenshots and Trailer!

And rather interestingly, it seems Kamek from Yoshi’s Island will be taking up Kammy Koopa’s role as Bowser’s second in command/henchman, since he’s shown alongside Bowser Jr in the video and screenshots!

So it seems like Kammy Koopa’s been replaced even in the Paper Mario series now, although that isn’t exactly a bad thing considering how great a character Kamek is.  You also get to actually fight him like in quite a few recent Mario spinoffs too, so at least he won’t turn out to be the unfought like he was in the Yoshi’s Island series.  One of these battles is shown in the trailer.

Here’s the trailer mentioned:

and here’s the new screenshots, along with my comments on them:

Here’s Kamek!  Looks like everyone’s favourite Yoshi’s Island antagonist is now a Paper Mario character!

Bowser Jr, in case you didn’t already see him on the box art.

Bowser Jr steals the bridge and tosses it into the distance.  Not sure I like the purple effect there, doesn’t seem to fit in well with the rest of the game’s style.

The stack of Toads you’ll eventually use to reach that sticker to fix the stolen bridge.

The Toads act as a ramp to reach it.  You probably know this, it’s only been shown in every trailer and demo for the game in the last year or so.

Bowser Jr in battle.  People who don’t particularly like him might like the thought of four giant scissors tearing his paper form to pieces.

A Bowser style water spout, which has been mentioned in a quite few news articles about the title.  Looks like you’ll need to find a way past it for that sticker.

Kamek and Mario about to do battle.  Considering he says he’s only ‘testing Mario’s strength’ and flees after being defeated and stealing the star, it’s fair to assume he’ll be back multiple times and get stronger in each fight.

Kamek steals the Sticker Star piece. Got to love the neat postcard look for these things, I guess the characters really are breaking the fourth wall!

Turning a fan into a sticker.

The shop, where you can purchase stickers and add them to your inventory.  Seems like there’ll be the usual high amount of different hammer types you can purchase and use, although I’m not sure what the spike helmet could be used for in battle (maybe to defend against flying enemy attacks?)

You can also see spring shoes (presumably for the Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door style spring jump) and what appears to be a broken hammer (likely indicating the sticker is used/worn).

Mario in battle in an ice region.  The Fire Flower is an item that can be used via a sticker.

What appears to be a tomb in a desert region (presumably the blue floor is part of the battle interface).  Is this where the boss of the desert area is found, maybe someone like Tutankoopa?

Mario using the shell sticker to attack multiple enemies.  As was promised, those special Shy Guys really will be enemies you can fight in battle.

As you can see from the above screens, Paper Mario Sticker Star is looking better and better, especially with such well known villains as Kamek being in game opponents, as well as some of the clever puzzles and gameplay mechanics shown.  Here’s hoping the final game is even better than the screens and videos show!


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