Paper Mario Sticker Star; Is Level Based (Plot details inside)

Well, it looks like those of you a bit worried the game will be overly linear and mission based rather than in the style of the Nintendo 64 and Gamecube title have a bit more fuel to add to the fire, since Nintendo Power has apparently confirmed it’s broken up into levels accessed via a world map.

As for the story… well, it doesn’t seem particularly deep so far, although a few things about it open up possibilities for a mysterious non Bowser influence or villain behind the scenes.  Basically, there’s this event called Sticker Fest where a mysterious Sticker Comet flies by the Mushroom Kingdom.  You know, kind of like Mario Galaxy’s story I suppose.

Bowser goes for this comet but ends up smashing it to pieces when he hits it, spreading the pieces across the Mushroom Kingdom.  He also ends up with a crown somehow falling on his head and making him more powerful, so he decides to kidnap Princess Peach again.

It doesn’t seem like a particularly deep story to be honest, just another ‘find the pieces of the broken mystical object and stop Bowser’ one, but I guess it does sort of make sense as a Paper Mario plot and isn’t that terrible.  I mean, Bowser breaking the comet accidentally due to his brash actions and idiocy is very much in line with his generally moronic RPG series characterisation.  And there are hints a deeper story could be found here, the fact the pieces were randomly shattered rather than specifically ‘stolen’ leaves room for non Bowser affiliated forces to have comet shards in their possession, and the mysterious crown that falls on his head seems awfully suspicious even from the text summary given online.

But putting that to one side a minute, back to the level progression thing.  Apparently, yes it is split into smaller levels like in the standard Mario games, and a certain level (1-3) has a waterspout in the style of Bowser’s head you have to find a way past.  Oh, and you get comet pieces for beating each ‘level’, which makes me wonder how common they actually are this time around (since the map seems to leave room for far more than the standard seven areas).

Well, that’s the latest info on Paper Mario Sticker Star supposedly.  Probably not what fans of the first two titles wanted to hear, they were probably after something more like an open design world and a new villain, but it seems okay enough regardless.



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