Paper Mario Sticker Star; Intro and Website Footage

Yes, I’ve now uploaded the game’s intro and all footage from the official website to the official Youtube channel for Nintendo 3DS Community.  These videos show off quite a bit of a title including many of the items and story moments though, so if you don’t like spoilers please don’t watch the videos below:

Paper Mario Sticker Star intro

Paper Mario Sticker Star Website Footage Compilation

As you can see from the footage compilation, we now know what the items do.  For example, the Frog Suit lets Mario jump much higher in battle, letting him easily dodge enemy attacks.  There’s also some amusing footage of Toad Town being unrolled after Bowser’s sticker fuelled rampage, complete with that poor Toad get crushed by the area falling on him (note the help messages coming from near the fountain).

So there’s some more footage of Paper Mario Sticker Star for everyone.  Hopefully this gives people a good idea of where the story goes and how the gameplay works, as well as proves that at least some of the humour is still present in this game.


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