Paper Mario Sticker Star Box Art Revealed!

And long time Paper Mario fans will notice a few rather curious things about it, like the presence of Bowser Jr on the box.  Here’s the box art image:

It’s pretty interesting looking considering all the weird non paper items mixed in with the paper characters, and to see Bowser Jr and the Clown Car in Paper Mario style is a nice touch, but I have to say I have very mixed feelings about it.

Namely that the presence of Bowser Jr seems a bit odd in a Paper Mario game.  I mean, yes he’s a key character in the Mario series, but why include him now when the games released after his original debut left him out entirely? It’s nice to know the guy hasn’t vanished without a trace after not appearing in Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2 but it kind of implies the game is basically a traditional Mario story with traditional Mario ideas and locations except in paper style.  And that seems like a poor design decision to make after the  unique characters and settings of the past few games.

It also has some pretty odd, almost clashing artwork there.  Seriously, the cat and clock do not go with the paper style at all.  And Bowser Jr looks like he was rotoscoped in from Mario and Luigi Partners in Time.

But it’s still nice to know we now have the game’s final box art, and at least it’s not as plain and empty as the artwork used for nearly every other Mario game box in the last few years.  What do you think of the box art for Paper Mario Sticker Star?


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I love the fact we FINALLY get to really see what Bowser Juniors made of in an RPG. After all, the RPGs are what really dives into the characters. We never knew the true reasons Bowser kidnapped Peach until Paper Mario… I wonder what other secrets and cookies we’ll be given ;D

~Heres to the Wario Bros. & Rosalina & Daisy making awesome appearances! At least the Wario Bros anyways lol