Okay, so now there’s a Super Mario 3D Land rip off on the app store?

This time, they aren’t even trying to differentiate it.  Basically, it’s a Mole Kart level rip off which clones absolutely everything from the game down to power ups and enemies and feels like a badly drawn replica of the 3DS classic.  Here are some screenshots, where you might well see the resemblance:

As you can see, the main character is a blatant Mario rip off, the graphics are blatant rip offs of the Super Mario 3D Land graphics and they’ve even got the same type of flagpole to end the levels!

Did i mention they’ve even got those teleport boxes, near identical coins and Koopa Troopa ripoffs?  Is absolutely anything in this remotely original?

And here’s a special level inspired by the eight bit sprite styled levels in the game.  As you can see, it even has the same bricks, used blocks and ? blocks.

They’ve even ripped off the Propeller Block!

Finally, it’s got the same green blocks, Goomba like enemies and even smiling clouds like in the classic Mario games.  Is this even seriously being sold?  It looks like a fan game someone’s shoved on the iphone app store to make a quick buck.

And here’s the page, where the makers are actually trying to sell this shameful clone for a dollar:


Because the page will probably be taken down in a few hours when Nintendo’s legal team comes across it and presumably takes action against the developers, here’s a screenshot as proof I’m not making this up and someone was stupid enough to sell such an obvious clone on the app store:

What do you think about such an obvious rip off game being available for the iphone/ipad/whatever?  It’s so clearly trying to rip off Super Mario 3D Land it’s outright ridiculous, and I think Nintendo could easily sue the makers for potential lost sales (they’re selling a one dollar clone of a forty dollar game, I suspect at least some people will buy the former as a poor man’s version of the latter.

Freaking copycats…


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